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Curriculum Vitae

Published: at 09:00 AM

It seems that the internet is the best place to find love, work and who knows what else. For this reason I have decided to post my CV here.

Curriculum Vitae of Francesco Rossi

Table of contents

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About me

International Product Manager
Swiss nationality, born on May 30th 1972

Media professional with 30+ years of expertise in global TV/Radio Events monitoring, automation tool design, and product management. Proficient in Unix/Linux, C, Python, databases (PGSQL, MySQL), networking, and multimedia tools. Strong leadership and soft skills. Ready to drive growth with extensive knowledge and versatility.


Global Expansion StrategiesStrategic PlanningSoftware Catalog Management
Media Platforms ExpertiseTechnology InnovationOperational Framework Oversight
Project ManagementLicensing ManagementTenders and Contracts Participation
Cross-functional CollaborationWeb DevelopmentMS Office Proficiency

Experience and achievements

Nielsen, Lugano, 2008 - Present
International Product Lead and SME for TV and Radio Monitoring

Led global TV/Radio events monitoring expansion, boosting revenue. Pioneered automation tools, integrated AdIntel backends, and optimized operations for efficiency and compliance.

Selected achievements:

Nielsen (AGB Media Services), Stans / Buochs NW, 2000 - 2007
Product Manager

Led a tech team, optimizing skills and driving continuous monitoring tool innovation. Secured successful project bids, efficiently managing licenses and resources for compliance and optimization.

Selected achievements:

Approximately 15 visits per years, more than 120 training sessions with more than 600 people attending in total. Direct involvement in the evolution of the company, starting from 4 countries to more than 30. Personally followed (mostly onsite) the startup of more than 25 countries.

Nielsen (AGB Media Services), Stans NW, 1995 - 1999
Marketing Associate

Led design and deployment of TeleMonitor and TeleSpot, pioneering TV audience and advertising expenditure analysis tools. Initiated country startups, showcased tools at global conferences, conducted client demos, and managed licenses and invoicing efficiently.

Nielsen (AGB Media Services), Milano (I), 1993 - 1994
Software Developer and System Manager

Developed and deployed Pollux, a system for collecting and producing TV audience data globally. Conducted training for local system managers and facilitated remote troubleshooting.

AGIP - SNAM - SES ENSER - T.T.C. - DATA TELECOM, Milano (I), 1990 – 1992
Software Developer

Developed a system for managing maintenance on gas extraction platforms and an automated emergency shutdown system. Additionally, orchestrated the planning of gas pipe deployment between Italy and Libya.

Education and Technology

IT Engineer ITIS (Istituto Costanza Milano)

Technology skills

Operating Systems:Unix / Linux
Programming Languages:C, Python, Shell scripts, Swift UI
Databases:PostgreSQL (PGSQL), MySQL
Web Development:HTML / CSS
Graphic Design:Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Premiere
Office Software:MS Office